How to Place Garden Arbors to Add Charm and Interest

A beautiful arbors with gates  is a nice addition to the front yard of homes in Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, and other places. These structures are great at attracting birds, providing shelter for sleds, and even changing the appearance of homes. A wood arbor gate is available in various styles from classic to contemporary designs. You can customize your own arched structure for your home. Arbors have been around for hundreds of years and their purpose has changed over the years but their beauty remains the same.

A: Wooden Arbors available at your local store or online is the best choice when it comes to adding a garden structure to your front yard or patio. A: arbors are crafted from natural wood. This means no hazardous chemicals were used during their creation or shipping & delivery to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other island locations. Shipping & delivery to Alaska may be an option if you choose to use this type of garden arbor gate.

B: A wood arbor with a curved top is the perfect decorative addition to the front yard of your home. The lattice on a curved top allows you to bring a nature-inspired design into your outdoor space. Depending on the amount of privacy you would like, you can create lattice fencing that will keep prying eyes out while allowing the beauty of the landscape to shine through. You can find arbors with stained glass panels that can also serve as a place to display your gardening tools.

C: Natural pine wood arbors are available at your local store or online. These arbors have straight sides but can be stained to make them more attractive. A wood arbor with a stained cedar wood arbor has a very rustic charm to it. Stained cedar wood arbors are also available in different lengths.

D: A beautiful arbor freestanding style can be created by using a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) board. The great thing about an MDF board is that it makes it very easy to stain the wood in any color you desire. For a smoked look, I would stain a medium-density fiberboard in a dark color such as black, mahogany, or walnut. For a natural look, a light stain would enhance the natural beauty of the wood while making it slightly darker such as brown.

E: In addition to the style of the arbor and the type of stain or paint you decide on, there are other important factors that you must take into consideration before you begin your project. Exterior dimensions, where the light and views come into the garden, are very important to your entire garden decorating scheme. I recommend that when choosing an arbor, you choose one that has an exterior dimension that allows for a certain amount of view. Usually, an outside dimension of at least five feet from the nearest wall is best. I also recommend that you keep in mind that although most exterior-sized arbors are attached to the wall they can still be hung on a free-standing rod. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic: